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Tentang Biografi - Tokoh Masyarakat (Public Figure) Biografi adalah riwayat kehidupan seseorang yang dikumpulkan informasinya namun yang menjadi penulis adalah orang lain. Sederhananya adalah kisah hidup yang ditulis oleh orang lain, sedangkan autobiografi ditulis sendiri oleh sang pemilik kisahnya, seperti buku harian (diary). Autobiografi dan biografi adalah format umum untuk menceritakan sebuah kisah. Penulisan autobiografi berbeda dengan biografi, meskipun sama-sama menggambarkan karakter cerita kehidupan atau riwayat hidup seseorang. Mengutip dari sebagai  Referensi Biografi Terbaik  berikut penjelasannya. Referensi Biografi Terbaik Apa itu Biografi? Biografi, juga disebut bio, adalah karya non-fiksi yang memberikan penjelasan objektif tentang kehidupan seseorang. Biografi bisa jadi seseorang yang masih hidup sampai sekarang, atau bisa juga subjek seseorang yang hidup bertahun-tahun yang lalu. Selama sumber informasi bisa dipertanggungjawabkan, maka boleh ditulis menja

Recommended Best Lawyer Corporate

Kartika Rouly Law Firm - Best lawyer corporate

Kartika Rouly Law Firm (previously known as Kartika & Associates Law Firm) is a reputable law firm providing high-quality legal services, especially in corporate legal matters and dispute resolution with integrity, respect, and trustworthy (“IRT”) value. Over the years, the firm has assisted and maintained relationships with a wide range of clients throughout Indonesia.

Kartika Rouly Law Firm
Kartika Rouly Law Firm

Kartika Rouly Law Firm (was previously known as Kartika & Associates Law Firm) was established as a highly competent law firm that fully understands each client’s problems and needs and promptly formulates the most appropriate and effective solutions. Kartika & Rouly Law Firm was founded in 2015 by Ricka Kartika Barus, a licensed advocate who has a tremendous amount of experience which encompasses general Corporate and Commercial, Labor and Employment, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets and Securities, Banking & Finance, and Debt Restructuring, and now in 2022 Kartika & Associates Law Firm merged become Kartika and Rouly Law Firm with Bunga Meisa Rouly Siagian as being Partner ini this Law Firm.

Insight and Values
Kartika & Associates Law Firm has insight and alertness to look beyond what seems obvious and see the whole picture and continues to be committed to the development of a diverse and inclusive workplace for attorneys, professionals, and other staff members. We believe the knowledge and depths of life experiences these individuals bring to the firm are valuable and increase the skill and knowledge with which we provide legal services to our clients and contribute to our communities. Our commitment to diversity has created an atmosphere in which our people thrive and are encouraged to use their different talents, perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to serve our clients.

Kartika & Associates Law Firm does not stagnate, and we always continue to grow for the sake of our client’s needs. We are also dedicated to develop, retain, and promote our attorneys, as we have created mentoring and professional development programs to ensure that our lawyers receive every opportunity to achieve personal growth and professional success.

Become an excellent legal consultant and influence market place with the truth.

Become a Lawyer and legal consultant commercially pragmatic and delivers prompt and sound advice.

Core Values
  • INTEGRITY ; We value honesty and truthfulness as who we are and the fundamental background we started this law firm.
  • RESPECT ; We understand and act based on our client's interests and gain mutual respect from our team to give our clients the best quality of service.
  • TRUSTWORTHY ; We invest time, effort, and resources to solve our client's legal problems and meet their expectations.

Our Skills and Expertise
  • Legal Consultation.
  • Corporate Law, Banking and Labor Law.
  • Commercial Litigation.
  • Intellectual Law.
  • M & A. 

Kartika Rouly already well known as the best lawyer corporate.

Kartika & Rouly - Law Firm
Sudirman 7.8 Tower, Floor 16, Suite 1-2 Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Kav 7-8, Central Jakarta, 10220, Indonesia


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