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Recommended Best Organic Spices Supplier

Amerta Spices - Best Organic Spices Supplier in Indonesia Amerta Spices are under PT. Amerta Agro Indonesia. Affordable spice products in Jakarta by Amerta Spices as the best supplier of spices from Indonesia. Driven by the growing market and increasing demand for spices worldwide, As we grow, we expand our business to Spice Manufacturing. Today we are a distributor of a leading producer of spices based in Indonesia, especially clove products, black pepper, white pepper and betel nuts products which we distribute both domestically and abroad. Amerta Spices With the increasing local and foreign demand for spices, Amerta Spices strives to provide high quality spice products from Indonesia at competitive prices together with continuous development for sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices. Protecting local farmers is also an important part of our success. Creating a safe and healthy environment is essential to look after our local team and improve their own well-being and qual

Must Know the Newest Update for Expatriate Work Permit in Indonesia

Newest Expatriate Work Permit and Immigration Updates in Indonesia Any expats want to work in Indonesia needs to have a work permit and a stay permit. This article will cover anything that you need to know regarding expatriate work permit and stay permit in Indonesia. New regulations regarding expatriate work permit have been issued, namely: Indonesian Government Regulation Number 34 of 2021 on the Expatriate Utilization (“ GR 34/2021 ”) and Indonesian Manpower Minister Regulation Number 8 of 2021 on the Implementing Regulation of GR 34/2021 (“ MMR 8/2021 ”). We will explain the important points regulated in GR 34/2021 and MMR 8/2021. NP Consultant Types of employers that are permitted to hire expats in Indonesia MMR 8/2021 regulates types of employers who are eligible to hire expats in Indonesia, as follows: (a) governmental institution, foreign country representative, and international body; (b) foreign trading representative office, foreign company representative office, and foreign