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Desiccated Coconut Full Fat

Best Desiccated Coconut Full Fat Desiccated coconut is fresh coconut that has been shredded or flaked and dried. It is typically unsweetened, but the term is sometimes also used to refer to the less dry sweetened flake coconut as well. Desiccated coconut is ground, rather than shredded. The fine texture looks almost like a fresh snowfall. The main difference between desiccated coconut and flaked or shredded coconut is that the moisture has been removed. Below are criteria for Best  Desiccated Coconut  Product : Color : Natural White Flavor : Mild & Sweet characteristic of Coconut Free Fatty Acid : Max 0,1% Total Fat : 65 ±5% Certification  : Halal Function  : Used for fruit juice drinks. Used for Health Medicine. Used for infant or baby food, much more safe and health. Used for puffed food, baking food and etc. Used to cook wheaten food. Used as condiment Used to production pangoods. PACKAGING & SHIPPING  : 25 kg multi layer kraft paper bag with polyethylene liner 20 feet Conta

Rekomendasi Preschool dan TK

LITTLE AVERY Pre-school and Kindergarten Little Avery Pre-school and Kindergarten does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, creed, religion, national origin, cultural heritage, sex, marital status, or sexual orientation in administration or either its admission or employment policies or procedures. Little Avery develops an academically, socially, emotionally educated community of students within the framework of acceptance, compassion and understanding, all in accordance with  Montessori curriculum  and philosophy, will be presented through integrated thematic programs. VISION To nurture every child holistically, developing them to their fullest potential. MISSION To nurture all children’s holistic development. To afford all children the opportunity to access a quality Montessori Education which will fulfil the needs of the whole children and promote self-motivated, independent, lifelong learners by supporting the natural development of each child in a respectful,