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Desiccated Coconut Full Fat

Best Desiccated Coconut Full Fat Desiccated coconut is fresh coconut that has been shredded or flaked and dried. It is typically unsweetened, but the term is sometimes also used to refer to the less dry sweetened flake coconut as well. Desiccated coconut is ground, rather than shredded. The fine texture looks almost like a fresh snowfall. The main difference between desiccated coconut and flaked or shredded coconut is that the moisture has been removed. Below are criteria for Best  Desiccated Coconut  Product : Color : Natural White Flavor : Mild & Sweet characteristic of Coconut Free Fatty Acid : Max 0,1% Total Fat : 65 ±5% Certification  : Halal Function  : Used for fruit juice drinks. Used for Health Medicine. Used for infant or baby food, much more safe and health. Used for puffed food, baking food and etc. Used to cook wheaten food. Used as condiment Used to production pangoods. PACKAGING & SHIPPING  : 25 kg multi layer kraft paper bag with polyethylene liner 20 feet Conta

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Exportfeeds Best Charcoal in the World Exportfeeds (PT. Arthda Jaya Trading) was established in 2021 as a start-up commodity wholesale trading in Indonesia. Best Charcoal in the World The core of exportfeeds’ business is to develop Indonesian commodity export markets supported by an adequate supply chain. Our key strategy is to create an easily accessible market by those who seek for commodities from both within and outside Indonesia. The high demand for exports allows exportfeeds to absorb more supply that results in high prosperity for farmers as well as other local commodity traders. Finally, we create a platform that makes it easy for sellers and buyers who are who are interested in Indonesia’s leading commodities. Vision To create a modern export market in Indonesia as well as employment opportunities for a better life of Indonesian people. Mission Collaborating with the local governments and strategic partners to develop and implement innovation in Indonesian commodity export mar